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Capital Gains

Capital gains in the Context of Mortgages Profits an investor makes from the sale of real estate or investments. Similar Terms Capital Capital In the context of mortgages, capital describes the original sum borrowed as distinct from interest required on that loan. A repayment mortgage involves [...]

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Concept of Marshal The following is an old definition of Marshal [1], a term which has several meanings:1, (noun) (1) In old English law, the title of several officers of different grades and powers, judicial or executive. The lord-marshal presided in the court of chivalry; the knight-marshal [...]

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Meaning of Inhabitant The following is an old definition of Inhabitant [1]: Implies a more fixed and permanent abode than resident; frequently imports many privileges and duties to which a mere resident could not lay claim or be subject. One domiciled: one who has his domicil or fixed [...]

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Henry Iv Charters

This issue under the Ruling of King Henry IV of England Calendars and Registers of Charters Henry IV Charters and Medieval Law Henry IV Charters and Legal History Legal Materials (Compiled by the University of South Caroline Gould School of Law) Ayloffe, Joseph, and Philip Morant , eds. [...]

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