Corroboration in United Kingdom

Definition of Corroboration

In accordance with the work A Dictionary of Law, this is a description of Corroboration :

Evidence that confirms the accuracy of other evidence “in a material particular”. In general, English law does not require corroboration and any fact may be proved by a single item of credible evidence. The obligation to warn the jury of the dangers of acting on uncorroborated evidence of accomplices or of complainants in cases of sexual offences has been abolished: the judge now has a discretion to indicate the dangers of a jury relying on particular evidence. Corroboration remains mandatory in cases of *treason and *perjury and for opinion evidence as to some matters, e.g. *speeding.

Corroboration Meaning

Corroboration in Scottish Law

An accused cannot be convicted unless there is evidence from at least two independent sources that the crime was committed and that the accused was responsible for it.