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Farm in United Kingdom

Concept of Farm

The following is an old definition of Farm [1], a term which has several meanings:1. Provision; rent; tenure by rent

Alternative Meaning

Land rented; land devoted to purposes of agriculture. Farm, or feorme, is an old Saxon word signifying provision. It came to be used instead of rent or render, because anciently the greater part of rents were reserved in provisions – corn [grain], poultry, etc.,till the use of money became more frequent. So that a farmer, firmarius, was one who held his lands upon payment of rent or feorme; though at present, by a gradual departure from the original sense, the word ” farm ” signifies the very estate or lands so held upon farm or rent. That which is held by a person who stands in the relation of a tenant to a landlord. An indefinite quantity of land, some of which is cultivated. ” Farm ” and ” homestead farm ” are words of large import. In England, farm commonly implies an estate leased. The word is collective, consisting of divers things gathered into one, as a messuage, land, meadow, pasture, wood, common, etc. In the United States, it is a parcel of land used, occupied, managed, and controlled by one proprietor. See Crop. “To farm,” in a lease bf mineral lands, means to bring the minerals up to light tor purposes of commerce, and make them profitable to lessor and lessee. See Agriculture; Exemption; Implement; Plantation; Tool. Fee-farm. To let lands to farm in fee-simple, instead of for life or years; also, the land itself, so held on perpetual rent. Fee-farm rent. A rentcharge issuing out of an estate in fee. Compare, Feud, To feu. To farm let. A technical expression in a lease creating a term for years. Usual, but not essential. To farm out. To rent for a term of years; also, to give over something to another for a share of the income or profit: as, to farm out revenues, or taxes.


Notes and References

  1. Meaning of Farm provided by the Anderson Dictionary of Law (1889) (Dictionary of Law consisting of Judicial Definitions and Explanations of Words, Phrases and Maxims and an Exposition of the Principles of Law: Comprising a Dictionary and Compendium of American and English Jurisprudence; William C. Anderson; T. H. Flood and Company, Law Publishers, Chicago, United States)

Concept of Worth, Weorth

Note: see also Feorme, Ferme. Traditional meaning of worth, weorth [1] in the Saxon law history: A country-house or farm.

Note: For more information on Saxon Law history, see here.


Notes and References

  1. Based on A concise law dictionary of words, phrases and maxims, “Worth, Weorth”, Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1911, United States. This term is absolete. It is also called the Stimson’s Law dictionary, based on a glossary of terms, included Worth, Weorth.

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