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Feet of Fines under Edward I in United Kingdom

Feet of Fines and Eyres

This issue under the Ruling of King Edward I of England

Feet of Fines under Edward I and Medieval Law

Feet of Fines under Edward I and Legal History

Feet of Fines and Eyres

Legal Materials

(Compiled by the University of South Caroline Gould School of Law) Farrer, William, ed. Final Concords of the County of Lancaster: From the Original Chirographs, or Feet of Fines Preserved in the Public Record Office, London. 4 Vols. Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire Series, 39, 46, 50, 60. Edinburgh: Printed for the Record Society, 1899-1910.

Notes: Also available online at http://www.british-history.ac.uk/source.asp?pubid=480Abstract: English translation from the Latin. Contents:

Pt. 1, 7 Richard I. to 35 Edward I, AD 1196-1307

Pt. 2, Edward II. and Edward III, AD 1307-1377

Pt. 3, John, Duke of Lancaster, to Henry VII, AD 1377-1509

Pt. 4, Henry VIII to Philip and Mary, AD 1510-1558

Hardy, William J., and William Page, eds. A Calendar to the Feet of Fines for London and Middlesex, Richard I to II and 12 Elizabeth. 2 Vols. London: Hardy and Page, 1892-1993.

Abstract: Contents: Vol. I, Richard I to Richard III; Vol II, 1 Henry VII to Michaelmas, 11 and 12 Elizabeth.

Kirk, Richard E. G., and Ernest F. Kirk, eds . Feet of Fines for Essex V. Essex Archaeological Society Publications ed. Colchester: Essex Archaeological Society , 1899-.

Abstract: Contents: vol. 1 for 1899: (1182-1272); vol. 2 for 1928: (1272-1326); vol. 3 for 1949: (1327-1422); vol. 4 for 1964: (1423-1547)

Vol. 5 for 1991: (1547-1580); vol. 6 for 1993: (1581-1603)

Page, William, ed. Three Early Assize Rolls for the County of Northumberland, Saec. XIII. Publications of the Surtees Society, 88. Durham: Andrews and Co. for the Society, 1891.

Abstract: Text in Latin. Contains civil and crown pleas and kalendar of the 1256 eyre (40 Henry III (1256)), 1-133; civil pleas and attorneys for the 1269 eyre (53 Henry III (1269)), and the civil and crown pleas, crown pleas amercements and kalendar of the 1279 eyre (7 Edward I (1279)). Appendix contains abstracts of feet of fines, Northumberland, Henry III and Edward I.

Parker, John W. R., Francis H. Slingsby , Michael Roper, W. Paley Baildon , and Christopher Kitching, eds. Feet of Fines for the County of York. 8 Vols. Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series, 42, 52, 62, 67, 82, 121, 127, & 158. Leeds: Yorkshire Archaeological Society, 1910-2006.

Abstract: Translated from the original Latin. Calendar of fines made before the justices of the Court of Common Pleas. Contents: Vol. 1, 1218-1231; Vol. 2, 1232-1246; Vol. 3, 1246-1272; Vol. 4, 1272-1300; Vol. 5, 1300-1314; Vol. 6, 1314-1326; Vol. 7, 132-1347; Vol. 8, 1347-1377.

Turner, George J., ed. A Calendar of the Feet of Fines Relating to the County of Huntingdon, Levied in the King’s Court From the 5th Year of Richard I to the End of the Reign of Elizabeth, 1194-1603 . Cambridge Antiquarian Society, 37. Cambridge: Deigthon , Bell and Co. 1913.

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