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Law Society

Introduction to Law Society

Law Society, in England and Wales, professional body consisting of and in charge of all solicitors. The society was founded in 1831 to oversee the training and regulation of all those in the profession, although it does not run the solicitors’ disciplinary tribunal. It issues practicing certificates, without which a solicitor may not operate.

The ruling body of the Law Society is its council of 70 members, who are elected for five years at a time. A president and vice president are also elected annually, and an annual general meeting is held. The society makes rules for the profession after they are discussed and agreed upon with the Master of the Rolls, the senior civil law judge of the Court of Appeal, who derives his title from his historical duty of keeping the rolls, or records. This duty is now a responsibility of the society.

The society operates a compensation fund for those who have lost financially through the dishonesty of their solicitors and cannot recover the money. It also administers a fund-essentially an insurance system-to cover the liability of solicitors who have been found guilty of negligence. Another role of the society is to certify, in cases of client grievances, whether a solicitor’s bill to a client is reasonable.” (1)


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    Definition of The Law Society

    The law society represents solicitors in england and wales.






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