List of Courts

List of Courts in United Kingdom

UK Courts

House of Lords
Privy Council
Supreme Court

England and Wales Senior Courts

Court of Appeal
Crown Court
High Court – Chancery Division
High Court – Family Division
High Court – Queen’s Bench Division

England and Wales Subordinate and Other Courts

County Court
Court of Admiralty of the Cinque Ports
Court of Protection
District Registry
High Court of Chivalry
Liverpool Court of Passage
Magistrates’ Court
Mayor’s and City of London Court
Patents County Court
Recorder Court
Restrictive Practices Court
Truro County Court
Valuation Court

Scottish Courts

Court of Session
High Court of Justiciary
Lands Valuation Appeal Court
Registration Appeal Court
Scottish Land Court
Sheriff Courts
Teind Court

Northern Irish Courts

Chancery Division (Northern Ireland)
Court of Appeal (Northern Ireland)
Family Division (Northern Ireland)
High Court (Northern Ireland)
Queen’s Bench Division (Northern Ireland)

UK Tribunals and Government Offices

Accident Compensation Appeal Authority
Aldershot Court-Martial Centre
Asylum and Immigration Tribunal
Canterbury Appeal Tribunal
Care Standards Tribunal
Central Office
Certification Office
Competition Commission Appeal Tribunal
Courts-Martial Appeal Court
Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
Election Petitions Court
Employment Appeals Tribunal
Employment Tribunal
First-tier Tribunal
Gray’s Inn Visitors
Immigration Adjudicator
Immigration Appeals Tribunal
Industrial Tribunal
Information Tribunal
Inner Temple Visitors
Inns of Court Visitors
Intellectual Property Office
Judges as Visitors
Land Registry
Lands Tribunal
Leasehold Valuation Tribunal
Lincoln’s Inn Visitors
Naval Prize Tribunal
Official Solicitor
Patent Office
Railway and Canal Commission
Rent Assessment Committee
Social Security Commissioners
Special Commissioners
Special Immigration Appeals Commission
Supreme Court Costs Office
Supreme Court Taxing Office
Trade Marks Registry
Transport Arbitration Tribunal
UK Intellectual Property Office
Upper Tribunal
VAT & Duties Tribunal
VAT Tribunal

UK Ecclesiastical Courts

Arches Court
Chancery Court
Commissary Court of Canterbury
Consistory Court
Court of Ecclesiastical Causes Reserved
Court of Faculties
Palatine of Lancaster Court

UK Historic Courts

Common Pleas Division
Court for Crown Cases Reserved
Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes
Court of Appeal in Chancery
Court of Common Pleas
Court of Criminal Appeal
Court of Criminal Appeal (Northern Ireland)
Court of Exchequer Chamber
Court of Probate
Exchequer Division
High Court of Admiralty
High Court of Chancery
King’s Bench Division
King’s Bench Division (Northern Ireland)
National Industrial Relations Court
Official Referees’ Court
Prerogative Court
Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division
Queen’s Bench
Rolls Court
St. Paul’s Court
Vice-Chancellor’s Court



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