List of Irish Courts

List of Courts in Ireland and Northern Ireland in United Kingdom

Northern Irish Courts

Chancery Division (Northern Ireland)
Court of Appeal (Northern Ireland)
Family Division (Northern Ireland)
High Court (Northern Ireland)
Queen’s Bench Division (Northern Ireland)

Irish Courts

Appeal Tribunal (Ireland)
Central Criminal Court
Court of Appeal (Ireland)
Court of Criminal Appeals (Ireland)
Employment Appeals Tribunal (Ireland)
High Court (Ireland)
Land Commission (Ireland)
Patents Office (Ireland)
Special Criminal Court
Supreme Court (Ireland)

Irish Historical Courts

Chancery Division (Irish Free State)
Court of Admiralty (Ireland)
Court of Appeal (Irish Free State)
Court of Appeal (Southern Ireland)
Court of Bankruptcy and Insolvency (Ireland)
Court of Common Pleas (Ireland)
Court of Criminal Appeals (Irish Free State)
High Court of Appeal (Ireland)
King’s Bench Division (Irish Free State)
Land Commission (Irish Free State)

Historical Irish Courts Expained

Until the year 1877, when the English Judicature Act for Ireland (40 & 41 Vict., c. 57) was passed, Ireland had the following courts:

  • Queen’s Bench,
  • Exchequer,
  • Exchequer Chamber,
  • Court for Crown Cases Reserved,
  • Consolidated Chamber and Registry Appeals,
  • Court of Chancery,
  • Court of Appeal in Chancery,
  • Rolls Court,
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Court,
  • Landed Estates Court,
  • Court of Bankruptcy and Insolvency,
  • Court of Admiralty,
  • Court of Probate, and
  • Ecclesiastical Courts.

By the Judicature Act, the Courts of Chancery, Queen’s Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer, Probate, the Court for Matrimonial Causes and Matters, and the Landed Estates Court, were merged into a Supreme Court of Judicature for Ireland.

There was a High Court of Justice, with five divisions, and a Court of Appeal, as in England,
with appeal from the latter to the House of Lords; and law and equity were concurrently administered.

(Main source: read A concise law dictionary of words, phrases and maxims.)

For a detailed description of historical courts, see Holdsworth’s “History of English Law” vol. I.

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