List of Laboratory Animal Cases

List of Laboratory Animal Cases in United Kingdom

  • Air India v Wiggins [1980] 2 All ER 593
  • Benjamin v Storr (1874) LR 9 CP 400
  • Blyth v Birmingham Waterworks Co (1856) 11 Ex 781
  • Bonnington Castings Ltd v Wardlow (1956) All ER 615
  • British Airways Board v Wiggins (1977) 2 All ER 1068
  • British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection v Royal College of Surgeons (1985) Unreported 5, 114
  • Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] AC 562
  • Farrer v Nelson (1885) 15 QBD 258; 52 LT 766
  • ‘It’s a Dog’s Life’ case (1997) APC Report, 1997
  • Jaundrill v Gillett (1996) The Times, 16 January 1996
  • Leeman v Montague (1936) 2 All ER 1677
  • Lord Advocate v Bairden (1998) The Herald, 15 July 1998
  • McQuaker v Goddard [1940] 1 All ER 471
  • R v Arbrath (1876) BMJ 1876 (ii) 545
  • Rowley v Murphy (1964) 1 All ER 50
  • RSPCA v Yorke (1913) The Times, 29 May 1914
  • Rylands v Fletcher (1866) LR 3 HL 330
  • Victoria Street Society v Ferrier (1881) BMJ 1881 836–842
  • Weller and Co v Foot and Mouth Disease Research Institute [1965] 3 All ER 560
  • Wrongful Supply of Rabbits 1991 APC Report 1991


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