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Below you will find specific information on maritime law, where you may choose a link from the list to get started. In this label about maritime law (International Encyclopedia of Law), we look in more detail at:



History of the Admiralty The following commentary about Admiralty in the Churchill Era is produced by the Churchill College (Cambridge): Department of the Government administering the Royal Navy. Meaning of Admiralty The following is an old definition of Admiralty [1]: A court exercising [...]

Categories: A, Commercial Law, and su1. Tags: AD, History, and Maritime Law.


Definition Master (Lat. magister, related to magis, more, as the corresponding minister is to minus, less; the English form is due partly to the O. Eng. maegister, and partly to O. Fr. maistre, mod. maître; cf. Du. meester, Ger. Meister, Ital. maestro), one holding a position of authority, [...]

Categories: Commercial Law, M, and su1. Tags: MA, Maritime Law, and North Ireland.


Meaning of Navigable The following is an old definition of Navigable [1]: Refers to waters which afford a channel for commerce or intercourse. Opposed, non-navigable, unnavigable. Capable of being used for purposes of navigation, of trade and travel, in the ordinary modes, without reference to [...]

Categories: Commercial Law, N, and su1. Tags: Maritime Law and NA.


Meaning of Sea The following is an old definition of Sea [1]: Includes all waters within the ebb and flow of the tide. A sea may mean a general disturbance of the surface of the water occasioned by a storm, breaking it up into the roll and lift of waves following or menacing each other; or, a [...]

Categories: Commercial Law, S, and su1. Tags: Maritime Law and SE.


Meaning of Ward The following is an old definition of Ward [1]: Care, charge; protectiop, defense. 1. One of the principal duties of constables is to keep watch and ward. Ward or guard was chiefly applied to the day time, for apprehending rioters, and robbers on the highways. Watch properly [...]

Categories: Civil Law, Commercial Law, Criminal law, Legislation, su1, and W. Tags: Maritime Law and WA.


Meaning of Wreck The following is an old definition of Wreck [1]: By the ancient common law, was where any ship was lost at sea, and the cargo or goods were thrown upon the land. Such goods as, after a shipwreck, are cast upon land by the sea, and left there, within some county. A ship [...]

Categories: Commercial Law, su1, and W. Tags: Maritime Law and WR.