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Act of Attainder

An Act of Attainder (Conviction) was an Act of Parliament convicting a person of an offence and inflicting a punishment. This was not necessarily preceded by a trial, but if it was it was held before both Houses of Parliament and not before the Lords on the accusation of the Commons, as was [...]

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Act of Parliament

Act of Parliament in the Business Encyclopaedia and Legal Adviser Based on the Business Encyclopaedia and Legal Adviser , by W.S.M. Knight, Barrister –at – Law. Act of parliament is the term applied to an act, wherein the three constituent parts of the sovereign power in this realm, king, [...]

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Act of Settlement

Act of parliament (1701) settling the succession to the throne. The Bill of Rights (1689) had limited the succession -in accordance to Bamber Gascoigne´ Encyclopedia of Britain about “Act of Settlement”- to the children of Mary and Anne (the daughters of James II) and of their cousin William [...]

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Addled Parliament

The Parliament summoned by James I in 1614 in the hope of raising money. The Commons demanded the abolition of impositions (duties raised by the sole authority of the King), a demand which failed to receive the support of the Lords, and also the restoration of the ejected clergy to their [...]

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Definition of Adjournment In accordance with the work A Dictionary of Law, this is a description of Adjournment :(in court procedure) The postponement or suspension of the hearing of a case until a future date. The hearing may be adjourned to a fixed date or sine die (without day), i.e. for [...]

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Affirmation Meaning Affirmation in Scottish Law A declaration or promise to tell the truth in court that does not involve taking a religious oath. In the Parliament Instead of taking the oath on taking his seat in the House of Commons a member, or in the House of Lords a peer, may make [...]

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History The chancellor in England In England the office of chancellor dates back to the reign of Edward the Confessor, the first English king to use the Norman practice of sealing instead of signing documents; and from the Norman Conquest onwards the succession of chancellors is [...]

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Contempt of Parliament

The United Kingdom Joint Committee on Parliamentary Privilege attempted to provide a list of some types of contempt in its 1999 report: interrupting or disturbing the proceedings of, or engaging in other misconduct in the presence of, the House or a committee; assaulting, [...]

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Leave of Absence

The formal granting of leave of absence to a Member of Parliament is a practice which has largely fallen into disuse. The attendance of members is not enforced in either House. Formerly members of the House of Commons who absented themselves without permission were directed to be punished, [...]

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Long Parliament

History Convocation of the Long Parliament, 1640 In his Scotch policy Charles overreached himself. With the zealous coöperation of Archbishop Laud, imprudently attempted to strengthen the episcopacy (system of bishops) in the northern kingdom, and likewise to introduce an un-Calvinistic [...]

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Parliament Lords Introduction to Lords Members of the House of Lords are known as peers. The House of Lords is made up of the lords spiritual (senior bishops of the Church of England) and lords temporal (lay peers). Lords temporal include law lords (senior judges). There are two types of lords [...]

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Parliament History

Introduction to Parliament History Parliament is one of the oldest and most honored parts of the British government. Its name, from the French word parler (to talk), was given to meetings of the English king's council in the mid-13th century. Its immediate predecessor was the king's [...]

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Parliament History The Growth of Parliamentary Power

Introduction to Parliament History The Growth of Parliamentary Power In the 14th century, Parliament split into two houses, gained control over statutes and taxation, created impeachment (1376), and presided over the abdications of Edward II (1327) and Richard II (1399). Growth continued under [...]

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Parliament History The Modern Parliament

Introduction to Parliament History The Modern Parliament In the 19th century the House of Commons became democratic. The Great Reform Bill of 1832 gave the vote to the middle class for the first time. Acts in 1867 and 1884 enfranchised workingmen, and another in 1885 created equal electoral [...]

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Parliamentary Committees

A parliamentary committee is a small group of Members created and empowered by the House to perform one or more specific tasks (with exceptions). There are a number of different types of committees and they are formed on a temporary or permanent basis. They usually consist of Members drawn [...]

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Select Committees

Select committees Meaning, as used in the UK Parliament Select committees are small groups of Members of the Parliament or members of the House of Lords that are set up to investigate a specific issue in detail or to perform a specific scrutiny role. They may call in officials and experts [...]

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Special Procedure Orders

Introduction ‘Special procedure order’ means an order, scheme, certificate or byelaws in relation to which the Statutory Orders (Special Procedure) Act 1945 as amended by the Statutory Orders (Special Procedure) Act 1965. Note: The following information is intended to provide information [...]

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