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In the Sixteenth Century Anglicanism is the name frequently applied to that form of Protestantism which stamped the state church in England in the sixteenth century and which is now represented by the Episcopal Church in the United States as well as by the established Church of England. The [...]

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Archibishop Tati

Life and Work From the book Studies in Contemporary Biography, by James Bryce: England is now the only Protestant country in which bishops retain some relics of the dignity and influence which belonged to the episcopal office during the Middle Ages. Even in Roman Catholic countries they [...]

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Definition of Blasphemy In accordance with the work A Dictionary of Law, this is a description of Blasphemy : Statements or writings that deny - in an offensive or insulting manner - the truth of the Christian religion, the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, or the existence of God. [...]

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In the Sixteenth Century In Scotland Scotland, like every other European country in the early part of the sixteenth century, had been a place of protest against moral and financial abuses in the Catholic Church, but the beginnings of ecclesiastical rebellion are to be traced rather to [...]

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Court of Arches

Definition of Court of Arches In accordance with the work A Dictionary of Law, this is a description of Court of Arches : The ecclesiastical court of appeal from the consistory court (See ecclesiastical courts), which has the jurisdiction of the former provincial Court of Archbishop of [...]

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History Dean (Lat. decanus, derived from the Gr. δέκα, ten), the style of a certain functionary, primarily ecclesiastical. Whether the term was first used among the secular clergy to signify the priest who had a charge of inspection and superintendence over two parishes, or among the regular [...]

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Edward Freeman

Life and Work From the book Studies in Contemporary Biography, by James Bryce: Edward Freeman was born at Harborne in South Staffordshire on 2nd August 1823, and died at Alicante on 16th March 1892, in the course of an archæological and historical journey to the east and south of Spain, [...]

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Henry Garnet

Henry Garnet (1555-1606), English Jesuit, son of Brian Garnett (or Garnet), a schoolmaster at Nottingham, was educated at Winchester and afterwards studied law in London. Having become a Roman Catholic, he went to Italy, joined the Society of Jesus in 1575, and acquired under Bellarmine [...]

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Lords Spiritual

The 26 Lords Spiritual, also called Spiritual Peers are, in Great Britain, archbishops and bishops of the Anglican Church who are given seats in the House of Lords. These are the archbishops of Canterbury (the Primate of all England) and York, and 24 of the bishops. History The bishops of [...]

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Miles Coverdale

Miles Coverdale (1488?-1569), English translator of the Bible and bishop of Exeter, was born of Yorkshire parents about 1488, studied philosophy and theology at Cambridge, was ordained priest at Norwich in 1514, and then entered the convent of Austin friars at Cambridge. Here he came under [...]

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The Nonconformists The Nonconformists and the Church of England From 1574 the Protestant Nonconformists strove to introduce Presbyterianism. Cause for grievance existed in the state of the church which had suffered from the late violent changes. Elizabeth plundered it, and laymen who owned the [...]

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British Political and Social Thought: Contribution of Puritanism Introduction to Puritanism The militant Puritans who supported Cromwell, particularly the Levellers, took more extreme measures to defend the rights of Parliament and Englishmen during the constitutional crisis. Members of [...]

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Secular Court

The church and the law courts In 1833 the supreme jurisdiction of the Court of Delegates was transferred to the judicial committee of the privy council. Before this court came an appeal by a clerk named Gorham, 452 whom the bishop of Exeter refused to institute to a benefice because he denied [...]

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Toleration Act

The Toleration Act of 1689 Background James II, like his brother, claiming the right to suspend the laws and statutes which Parliament had enacted against Roman Catholics and Dissenters, issued a Declaration of Indulgence in 1687, which exempted Catholics and Dissenters from punishment for [...]

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