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Definition of Adjournment In accordance with the work A Dictionary of Law, this is a description of Adjournment :(in court procedure) The postponement or suspension of the hearing of a case until a future date. The hearing may be adjourned to a fixed date or sine die (without day), i.e. for [...]

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Affirmation Meaning Affirmation in Scottish Law A declaration or promise to tell the truth in court that does not involve taking a religious oath. In the Parliament Instead of taking the oath on taking his seat in the House of Commons a member, or in the House of Lords a peer, may make [...]

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Definition of Bail This term refers to the practice of releasing a defendant (or accused) from custody until their next appearance in court. In accordance with the work A Dictionary of Law, this is a description of Bail : The release by the police, magistrates' court, or Crown Court of a [...]

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In Scotland the word bailiff has taken the form of bailie, signifying a superior officer or magistrate of a municipal corporation. Bailies, by virtue of their office, are invested with certain judicial and administrative powers within the burgh for which they are appointed. They sit as [...]

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Blanch Holding

Blanch Holding History Blanch Holding or Blanch Fee (from Fr. blanc, white), an ancient tenure in Scottish land law, the duty payable being in silver or white money in contradistinction to gold. The phrase was afterwards applied to any holding of which the quit-rent was merely nominal, such [...]

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Definition of Custody In accordance with the work A Dictionary of Law, this is a description of Custody : 1. Imprisonment or confinement. The current policy behind the use of custody was established in the Criminal Justice Act 1991 and has been consolidated by the Powers of Criminal Courts [...]

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Gretna Green Village just over the border into Scotland which benefited -in accordance to Bamber Gascoigne´ Encyclopedia of Britain about “Gretna Green”- greatly from the Marriage Act of 1753, prohibiting in England 'clandestine' marriages – meaning those solemnized outside authorized [...]

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James Balfour

Sir James Balfour (of Pittendreich) (d. 1583 or 1584), Scottish judge and politician, son of Sir Michael Balfour of Montquhanny, was educated for the legal branch of the church of Scotland. In June 1547, together with Knox and others taken at St Andrews, he was condemned to the French [...]

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James Elphinstone Balmerino

James Elphinstone Balmerino, 1st Baron (c. 1553-1612), Scottish politician, was the third son of Robert, 3rd Lord Elphinstone (d. 1602). Rising to power under James VI. he became a judge and a royal secretary; he accompanied the king to London in 1603 and was made Lord Balmerino, or [...]

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John de Baliol

John de Baliol (1249-1315), king of Scotland, was a son of John de Baliol (d. 1269) of Barnard Castle, Durham, by his wife Dervorguila, daughter of Alan, earl of Galloway, and became head of the Baliol family (see above) and lord of extensive lands in England, France and Scotland on his [...]

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John Hill Burton

John Hill Burton (1809-1881), Scottish historical writer, the son of an officer in the army, was born at Aberdeen on the 22nd of August 1809. After studying at the university of his native city, he removed to Edinburgh, where he qualified for the Scottish bar and practised as an advocate; [...]

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John Lesley

Life John Lesley (1527-1596), Scottish bishop and historian, was born in 1527. His father was Gavin Lesley, rector of Kingussie. He was educated at the university of Aberdeen, where he took the degree of M.A. In 1538 he obtained a dispensation permitting him to hold a benefice, [...]

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Jury Meaning Jury in Scottish Law The group of men and women who listen to the evidence and make decisions about the facts in a case. In criminal cases, there are 15 jurors, with 12 in civil cases. Definition of Jury Qualifications To be eligible for jury service there are certain [...]

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Justice of the peace

Introduction to Justice of the Peace Justice of The Peace, in the judicial system of the United Kingdom and the U.S., a judicial public officer with limited powers. In the U.S. the jurisdiction of the justice of the peace is defined by the statutes of the several states. In some states a [...]

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Landlord and Tenant History The relationship between landlord and tenant created by the lease agreement had its origin in the feudal system of land tenure, under which all freehold lands, including fees, were held by a superior lord. See about the history of landlord and tenant in the [...]

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Note: the meaning is different from Legitimation. Legitim, or Bairn’s Part, in Scots law, the legal share of the movable property of a father due on his death to his children. If a father dies leaving a widow and children, the movable property is divided into three equal parts; one-third [...]

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Mary Stuart

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots (1542-1587), daughter of King James V. and his wife Mary of Lorraine, was born in December 1542, a few days before the death of her father, heart-broken by the disgrace of his arms at Solway Moss, where the disaffected nobles had declined to encounter an enemy of [...]

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Introduction to Pinkerton Allan Pinkerton (1819-84), Scottish-American detective. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Pinkerton came to the United States and settled near Chicago in 1842. While engaged in business as a barrel maker in 1846, he captured a gang of counterfeiters and was consequently [...]

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Sequestration (Scottish Bankruptcy) Scottish Bankruptcy Legislation: History In Scotland, as in England, the law of bankruptcy arose as a remedy against the frauds of insolvent debtors. It was declared by an act of the Scottish parliament (1621, c. 18) that no debtor after insolvency [...]

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Sir Thomas Craig

Sir Thomas Craig (c. 1538-1608), Scottish jurist and poet, was born about 1538. It is probable that he was the eldest son of William Craig of Craigfintray, or Craigston, in Aberdeenshire, but beyond the fact that he was in some way related to the Craigfintray family nothing regarding his [...]

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Thomas Burnet

Sir Thomas Burnet (1694-1753), was the literary executor and biographer of his father Gilbert Burnet, and became in 1741 judge in the court of common pleas. Gilbert Burnet Gilbert Burnet (1643-1715), English bishop and historian, was born in Edinburgh on the 18th of September 1643, of an [...]

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Thomas Dempster

Thomas Dempster Life and Work Thomas Dempster (1579-1625), Scottish scholar and historian, was born at Cliftbog, Aberdeenshire, the son of Thomas Dempster of Muresk, Auchterless and Killesmont, sheriff of Banff and Buchan. According to his own account, he was the twenty-fourth of twenty-nine [...]

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Trial Meaning Trial in Scottish Law The legal action in a criminal court case. Trial in Fraud: Criminal Law and Procedure Indictments and Severance There is more information about this section in the entry about Indictments and Severance in this legal Encyclopedia. Hearsay and [...]

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William Barclay

William Barclay (1546-1608) Scottish jurist, was born in Aberdeenshire in 1546. Educated at Aberdeen University, he went to France in 1573, and studied law under Cujas, at Bourges, where he took his doctor's degree. Charles III., duke of Lorraine, appointed him professor of civil law in the [...]

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