Voidable Contract

Voidable Contract in United Kingdom

Voidable Contract in Contract Law

According to Questions & Answers Law of Contract: Law Revision and Study Guide (Law Questions & Answers, Oxford University Press), by Adrian Chandler and Ian Brown, Voidable Contract may have the following meaning: A contract that, though valid when made, is liable to be subsequently set aside (compare void contract). Voidable contracts may arise through misrepresentation, some instances of mistake, nondisclosure, and duress (see economic duress; undue influence). Certain proprietary contracts entered into by minors are also voidable (see capacity to contract). The setting aside of a voidable contract is effected by rescission.






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    I need to important reference about voidable contract in United kingdom law.please help me to proposal of university.thank you

  2. […] an agreement voidable, is considered as duress in English law.. In English law, a contract may be voidable on the same grounds as India (coercion, undue influence, fraud or misrepresentation) and set aside […]

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