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“The Year Books are the law reports of medieval England. The earliest examples date from about 1268, and the last in the printed series are for the year 1535. The Year Books are our principal source materials for the development of legal doctrines, concepts, and methods from 1290 to 1535, a period during which the common law developed into recognizable form…

All of the Year Books were originally reported in manuscript form, and all of them circulated among the legal profession for decades and often centuries in manuscript before they were printed.

For more than a century, many of the best scholars of English legal history have tended to emphasize the value of manuscript sources, to the neglect of old printed books.” (1)

“There is yet another great Desideratum in regard to the Year Books, viz. a full and well-digested General Index to the whole. At present, such Indexes as there -it has been said in a text of 1800 addressed to the Select Committee upon Public Records- are in the printed Books are so dispersed in the different volumes, are of such unequal merit, and, in general, so scanty and imperfect, that they are of very little use; and the Lawyer generally finds it best to neglect them, and to resort to the different Abridgments of the Law, in order to discover what cases and passages in the Year Books may be applicable to the point he has occasion to examine.“

Manuscript and Print Book

“The Year-Books first appeared in manuscript on parchment and were stored in rolls (rotuli).

Year-Books were a series of notes on debates and points of pleading in Norman England. As such, they are crucial primary sources for medieval common law. The origin of the Year-Books is unknown. Some historians believe that the earliest volumes were notes taken by law students in court copied for the use of pleaders in later cases; others argue that they were records of cases made by lawyers for personal use. Although it is not known when the first manuscript volumes were compiled, it is clear that cases can be found to date from the 1270’s and the series continues to 1535. Printed editions of the Year-Books were first issued by William de Machlinia between 1481 and 1482.” (2)

Citing Year-Books

“The Year-Books contain cases in chronological order from 1268-1535. The court sessions were divided into four terms: Hilary (early January—early April); Easter (Pasche) (mid-April—May); Trinity (June—July); and Michaelmas (October—December). …References to cases even long after the advent of printing might appear as T.19.H.8.rot 330 (Trinity term, nineteenth year of the reign of Henry VIII (1527), roll 330)” (3)



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