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Abandonment or cargo

Abandonment or cargo in the Business Encyclopaedia and Legal Adviser Based on the Business Encyclopaedia and Legal Adviser , by W.S.M. Knight, Barrister –at – Law. Abandonment of cargo or ship is a term used in marine In the case of constructive loss of the subject of the insurance—i.e. [...]

Categories: A, Maritime Law, and su1. Tags: AB.


Definition of Barratry In accordance with the work A Dictionary of Law, this is a description of Barratry : 1. Any act committed wilfully by the master or crew of a ship to the detriment of its owner or charterer. Examples include scuttling the ship and embezzling the cargo. Illegal [...]

Categories: B, Maritime Law, and su1. Tags: BA.

Navigation Act

Navigation Act, 1651 The members of the Rump (Parliment), still the nominal rulers of England, finding opportunity for profit in the sale of royalist lands and in the administration of finance, had exasperated Cromwell by their maladministration and neglect of the public welfare. The [...]

Categories: Legislation, Maritime Law, and su1.