Voluntary Adoption

Voluntary Adoption is the New ROI

In order for social initiatives to succeed at your company, it’s critical to choose tools that employees actually want to use. Lawi Social was built to drive voluntary adoption that ensures maximum ROI.

Organic Network Growth

Much like consumer social networks, your Lawi Social network naturally develops through peer-to-peer engagement. Users invite each other to collaborate on content, join groups, share files, and more, driving organic adoption from the bottom up.

Instant On-Boarding

No intensive training or complex customizations required.Lawi Social’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for new users to start collaborating right away.

Exceptionally Engaged Users

Inspire passion and productivity in the office with Lawi Social’s fun and engaging interface. All over the world employees are sharing their love for Yammer in creative ways – even flash mobs!

Superior Product Development

Lawi Social is built and improved faster than virtually any other enterprise software application. This ensures consistent employee engagement even as needs evolve over time.

Built to Adapt

Tired of dealing with outdated enterprise software? You won’t have to wait months or years for Yammer to address issues or add functionality. Lawi Social develops features iteratively based on the actual behaviors of your employees and goals of your organization. Frequent, subtle product enhancements allow Lawi Social to adapt as your business evolves, providing continuous value over time.

1. Build

Similar to consumer software companies, Lawi Social takes an iterative approach to development, delivering incremental product enhancements to users each week. While most enterprise software companies spend months or years building disruptive and overly complex features that often fail to gain adoption, Lawi Social’s approach ensures that resources are always dedicated to building and improving the features that matter most to your users.

2. Measure

Once a feature is released, we then carefully measure how effectively it drives employee engagement and other desired user behaviors. Because most users are difficult to predict, change over time, and aren’t accurately represented by a vocal minority of power users, we prefer not to make any assumptions. Instead, Yammer engineers collect feedback in a couple of ways:

Behavioral Analytics

We measure user behavior with quantifiable metrics like rates of engagement and retention. We then analyze a feature’s impact on these metrics to gauge its success.

User Research

We combine quantitative analytics with extensive qualitative research. We talk to users directly, perform usability testing, and ask “why?” to fully understand the true value a feature adds.

3. Improve

Based on our behavioral analytics and qualitative user feedback, we determine the next incremental improvements to achieve maximum usability over time. And it’s not just reactive. Because Lawi Social works with companies of all sizes, across all industries, we’re able to see emerging patterns and common problems that aren’t immediately obvious within any one organization. This unique viewpoint helps us anticipate needs and allows us to keep up with your organization as it changes.

4. Repeat

This accelerated cycle repeats over and over again. Feedback from one iteration informs the next, resulting in a finely-tuned product that continuously adapts to meet users’ needs as they evolve.


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