External Links

External Links

Case Law

Statute Law

Statutory Interpretation

UK Statutory Instruments and Explanatory Memorandum
Statutory instruments are published on Legislation.gov.uk website

Law Reform

Judges in the UK


  • The Judiciary in the Magistrates’ Court
    The research of Rod Morgan and Neil Russell, The Judiciary in the Magistrates’ Courts (2000), is available on the Home Office website in the section dedicated to the Research Development and Statistics Directorate.
  • Magistrates Association
    The website of the Magistrates Association, which represents the interests of magistrates.
  • Direct Gov – Magistrates
    General information about magistrates is available on the Direct Gov website. This site includes information about the appointment process and training.



Legal Profession (solicitors, barristers, etc)

Infringements of Human Rights

Legal Services Costs

Criminal Procedures


Young Offenders

Civil Justice System

Judicial Review and Appeals

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