Grow, Build, and Empower with Social.

Harness the power of enterprise social networking to get more out of your existing business applications and help grow your client relationships. Become a Yammer Partner today and discover the benefits of social.


Increase collaboration and productivity for business users everywhere through the Yammer Developer Program, which provides the tools for you to get more from existing business applications and create your own enterprise apps.

Integrate Social. Build Awareness. Customize Applications.

Easily build or customize applications and integrate social with any resource on the web, intranet or enterprise application using our developer toolkit and Open APIs. Yammer Developers use these tools to create deeply social experiences for business users to make companies more connected, open, and productive.

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Integrate Social and Customize Applications

Customize your enterprise applications with our Open APIs, and use our REST APIs to create unique applications utilizing Yammer data. Gain early access to new APIs so you can develop and deliver to market faster.

Increase Awareness and Drive Adoption

Easily add a social layer to business applications with Yammer Connect and Yammer Embed. Reach a larger network of users to drive awareness and adoption of your enterprise apps with Activity Stream Ticker.

Training, Support and Marketing Resources

Access online training courses, partner certification opportunities, as well as API integration support resources. Be featured in Yammer newsletters, email campaigns, guest blogs and events to promote your applications.
Join the Growing Partner Developer Network

Join Lawi Social’s External Developer Network to drive awareness of your applications and collaborate with other leading SaaS providers building the next wave of enterprise applications.

Questions? Concerns? Need help with your integrations? Contact Us.


The Lawi Social Affiliate Program enables technology advocates, consultants and systems integrators to engage with Lawi Social to help customers optimize collaboration, streamline deployments, and increase usage of existing systems.

Grow your Business and Empower Customers with Social.

Get Started as a Lawi Social Affiliate Partner

Gain exclusive access to the tools that let you successfully add social to existing business systems. Our training and certification resources help you expand your social integration expertise to customers. Partner with Lawi Social to increase awareness of your value added services and become the go-to expert for your customers’ enterprise social integrations.

Lawi Social Co-Marketeting

Become an advocate for enterprise social and demonstrate your expertise through special co-marketing opportunities.

Lawi Social Referral

Become a trusted advisor on enterprise social by working with our teams to implement partner integrations.

Benefits / Co-Marketing Program (1) / Referral Program (2)

Technical training and certification 1 2
Partner-only marketing resources and collateral 1 2
Customer Success Manager (CSM) support 1 2
30-day Premium promotion available 1 2
API integration support resources 1 2
Participate in case studies, videos, blog posts and event references 1 2
Dedicated technical partner support 2
End-user support channels 2
Network usage data and reports 2
Referral fees 2

Affiliate Partner Program Resources
Find Afiliate Program Guide
Find Affiliate Getting Started Guide

Join a Growing Ecosystem

Our growing global ecosystem of partners is driving the next wave of enterprise social networking. Become a member of our External Affiliate Network to collaborate with other best-in-class partners to ensure the success of your social integration strategy.


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