Benefits for Partners

Work Smarter, Move Faster, Outpace the Competition

Extend front-line visibility across your company to achieve organizational alignment and efficiency. Stay instantly up to date with your employees, customers, and partners. Drive your business forward faster with Lawi Social.

Lead with Precision and Impact

Instantly share your vision with the entire organization. Align every employee behind a common mission. Set trends, drive company culture, and be a better leader.

Engage with Employees

See what’s happening in real time and interact with all levels of your organization. Identify roadblocks and engage your front-line.

Inspire Innovation

Connect employees in open, interactive workspaces to share great ideas anytime, anywhere.

Energize Top Talent

Cultivate an all-star team by facilitating discussion and recognizing achievements. Uncover hidden talent and nurture future leaders.


“As soon as you start exposing the underlying knowledge of your whole network, you start seeing connections made that translate to huge value for the business. Lawi Social has an incredible value to cost ratio.”


“With Lawi, information flows across our organization seamlessly without any filter so that knowledge, news, and decisions spread in seconds. When we look back at our company, we will think about it in terms of before Lawi and after Lawi because of its impact on how we operate. ”
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