Privacy is fundamental to Lawi Social. Each company or organization on Lawi Social lives in a separate Network that assures the privacy of its Members and the User Content posted in that Network. Here’s how it works:
• Your Network is defined by your company or organization’s email domain. For example, all users who sign up with a “” email address would be part of the network. To join a Network, you must confirm your email address.
• Only the people in your Network can view the Member profiles and feeds.
• Users can require anyone else in their Network to re-confirm their email address at any time to prove they still belong in that Network. You can use this feature to remove former colleagues. Network administrators can also remove a user at any time.
• We don’t share your private information with advertisers. This includes your email address and the email addresses of others in your Network.
• Companies whotheir network can impose additional security requirements, such as secure sessions, password policies, and restricting access to the IP range of their VPN.
• Companies who claim their network own the User Content created by their employees. Until that point, Users own their own User Content. Lawi Social does not own User Content. Network Administrators can request that messages posted to their Network be securely exported to a company designated destination for archival and backup purposes.
• Lawi Social’s administrative tools do not allow our employees to view messages in a Network. Access to our database is granted only to our technicians on a case-by-case basis to troubleshoot specific technical issues, or as may be required by law. Each such instance is logged.
• Lawi Social has instituted measures to protect the security of each Network’s data.


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