Affiliate Getting Started Guide

Affiliate Getting Started Guide

Business Agility is More Critical Than Ever

Traditional solutions are unable to keep pace.

Communication is Becoming Social

Static email conversations are declining.

Your customers are connecting in real-time with people around the world using social networks.

Why Should You Care?

Email is no longer the only option . . .

. . . users prefer to communicate on social networks

Social networking is becoming the primary method of communication.

Enable Your Customers to Connect Via the Enterprise Social Network

Yammer connects employees, customers, prospects, and partners

Why parter with Lawi Social?

Join a growing global ecosystem of technology advisors and consultants who are driving the next wave of enterprise social networking.

• Access training and certification resources that help you become a trusted advisor on enterprise social with your customers.

• Utilize marketing resources to become an advocate for social and promote your enterprise social expertise with customers.

Join a Growing Ecosystem


Become an advocate for enterprise social and demonstrate your expertise through special comarketing opportunities


Become a trusted advisor on enterprise social by working with our Sales and CSM teams to implement partner integrations


• Increase awareness and drive adoption of your customers’ enterprise applications by adding Lawi Social as a social layer on top of integrations and joining the Lawi Social Affiliate Network to share best practices.

• Enhance company culture by bringing teams together in Lawi Social, enabling them to find common interests via groups, share knowledge and feedback and extend praise to fellow co-workers.

• Easily manage change by sending company-wide announcements, gathering instant feedback and encouraging two-way dialog throughout the company.

Go to Market with Lawi Social

Receive dedicated website exposure to drive awareness of your company and solutions

Use the official Lawi Social Affiliate Partner logo to promote your social expertise*

Participate in global events and interact with hundreds of potential customers

Participate in case studies, press releases, and blog posts to showcase your ESN
knowledge with customers

Become the advocate for social and promote your enterprise social expertise with customers.


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