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Optimize your network with the ongoing support of Yammer’s Customer Engagement Team. Leverage their industry expertise, product knowledge, and social best practices to maximize your investment and ensure the success of your network.

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Leveraging industry expertise and best practices, a CSM has the knowledge and experience to help you gain the most value from your Lawi Social network. A Designated CSM is also available for customers requiring dedicated support. A Designated CSM will advise you on:


Work with your CSM to align Yammer’s use to business strategies, develop network architecture, and identify use cases specific to your organization.

Community Management

Your CSM can help facilitate group creation, community analysis and end user support.


Work with your CSM to translate usage metrics and trends into actionable strategies.

Change Management

Your CSM can provide oversight, stakeholder analysis, leadership engagement, training and communication programs to ensure success for your ESN initiative.

Solutions Engineer (SE)

Easily integrate Lawi Social with all the enterprise tools your company already uses under the guidance of a technically certified SE. A Designated SE is also available for customers requiring dedicated support.

Company Directory Integrations

Your SE can synchronize Yammer with your company directory to streamline provisioning and de-provisioning of Yammer accounts.

Intranet/Portal Integrations

Work with your SE to integrate Lawi Social with your company intranet, SharePoint, and other portals, making them more social, mobile, and engaging.

Activity Streams Integrations

Your SE can configure activity stream integrations with, Netsuite, and other applications, turning Yammer into a central hub for all business collaboration.

User Education Services

Comprehensive training services customized for your organization provide employees with best practices and company-specific use cases that help boost engagement.

Network Optimization Resources

Access targeted admin implementation guides and end user materials that increase engagement from the Lawi Social Success Center.

Premium Customer Support

Lawi Social’s knowledgeable customer support team is here to help. Contact us for answers to all of your product-related questions.


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