Benefits in Customer Service

Reduce Response Times and Build Customer Loyalty

Connect your customer service organization on Yammer to resolve customer issues faster and cut costs. Help your reps and partners stay efficient and informed by empowering them to share solutions, ask questions, find answers, and eliminate duplicate work.

Improve Response Time

Help your reps solve customer issues with 24/7 access to a company network of information and resources on Lawi Social.

Identify Important Trends

Reduce redundancy by sharing solutions for common problems across the organization.

Cultivate Customer Relationships

Engage, inform, and learn from your customers on a separate, secure awi Social Network.
Reduce Ramp Time

Share best practices and optimize training content to get new hires up and running quickly.

Integrate with Zendesk

Stay on top of Zendesk activity and track team progress from within your LaSocial network.


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