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Below you will find specific information on data protection, where you may choose a link from the list to get started. In this label about data protection (International Encyclopedia of Law), we look in more detail at:

This list of entries of the the United Kingdom legal encyclopaedia covers many of the most important data protection and data privacy laws in force or in preparation throughout the globe in the United Kingdom. The laws governing data protection are becoming ever more significant as information becomes indispensable to commercial and public life in the United Kingdom. Topics covered include: breaches of data protection, exemptions, other affecting laws, PII formats, legitimate processing, notifications, accuracy, security obligations and breaches, registration formalities, penalties, transfers and internet use and electronic communications marketing.



Definition of Copyright In accordance with the work A Dictionary of Law, this is a description of Copyright : The exclusive right to reproduce or authorize others to reproduce artistic, dramatic, literary, or musical works. It is conferred by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, which [...]

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Diversity data in relation with the Courts and Tribunals in England The Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC), a non-departmental public body, publishes a bulletin of Official Statistics, covering the diversity profile of selection exercises twice a year. The period 1 April 2014 to 30 [...]

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DNA samples and finger prints

Provisions were included in the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 amending PACE. Under these provisions DNA samples and finger prints must be destroyed if it appears to the police that the material was taken unlawfully. DNA samples and fingerprints of those arrested but not convicted must [...]

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Definition of Hacking In accordance with the work A Dictionary of Law, this is a description of Hacking : Gaining unauthorized access to a computer system. This is a summary offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Under this Act it is also an offence, triable summarily or on indictment, to [...]

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