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Henry Vii Records in United Kingdom

This issue under the Ruling of King Henry VII of England

Parliamentary Full Text Records

Henry VII Records and Medieval Law

Henry VII Records and Legal History

Legal Materials

(Compiled by the University of South Caroline Gould School of Law) Blyke, Richard, and John Strachey, eds. Rotuli Parliamentorum; Ut Et Petitiones, Et Placita in Parliamento (Ab Anno 1278 Ad Annum 1503). 6 Vols. London: J. Strachey, 1767-1777.

Notes: Also available online in ECCO (subscription database)Abstract: Includes the rolls of parliament from the reign of Edward I through the reign of Henry VII. These record the transactions in parliament, including petitions or bills, both public and private, and the answers thereto. In some instances, the statute as drawn up in form is entered on the Parliament Roll, but usually only the petition and answer are included. An index entitled, Index to the rolls of Parliament, comprising the petititons, pleas, and proceedings of Parliament from ann. 6 Edward I to ann. 19 Henry VII, A.D.1278 – A.D. 1503 was published in London in 1832.

Vol. 1, Edward I – Edward II

Vol. 2, Edward III

Vol. 3, Richard II – Henry IV

Vol. 4, 1 Henry V – 17 Henry VI

Vol. 5, 18 Henry VI – 11 Edward IV

Vol. 6, 12 Edward IV – 19 Henry VII

Cobbett, William, and T. C. Hansard, ed. The Parliamentary History of England From the Earliest Period to the Year 1803, From Which Last-Mentioned Epoch It Is Continued Downwards in the Work Entitled Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates. 1625-1803.

Notes: Also available online in ECCO and Modern Economy (subscription databases)Abstract: v.1 – 36; 1066-1803.

Dugdale, William, ed. A Perfect Copy of All Summons of the Nobility to the Great Councils and Parliaments of This Realm From the XLIX of King Henry the IIId Until These Present Times. London : Robert Clavell, 1685.

Abstract: Text in Latin with English preface.

Given-Wilson , Chris, Gen. ed. The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England 1275-1504. 16 Vols. Woodbridge, London: Boydell Press, National Archives, 2005.

Notes: Also available online in National archives http://bibpurl.Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) number (used in Worldcat).org.libproxy.usc.edu/web/15805Abstract: Texts in Latin, Anglo-Norman or Middle English with modern English translations ; introduction and notes in modern English. Contains full text and translation of the meetings of the English parliaments from Edward I to Henry VII, covering the years from 1275 to 1504. Contents:

Vol. 1, Edward I, 1275-1294 , edited by Paul Brand

Vol. 2, Edward I, 1294-1307, edited by Paul Brand

Vol. 3, Edward II, 1307-1327, edited by Seymour Phillips

Vol. 4, Edward III, 1327-1348, edited by Seymour Phillips & Mark Ormrod

Vol. 5, Edward III, 1351-1377, edited by Mark Ormrod

Vol. 6, Richard II, 1377-1384, edited by Geoffrey Martin & Chris Given-Wilson

Vol. 7, Richard II, 1385-1397, edited by Chris Given-Wilson

Vol. 8, Henry IV, 1399-1413, edited by Chris Given-Wilson

Vol. 9, Henry V, 1413-1422, edited by Chris Given-Wilson

Vol. 10, Henry VI, 1422-1431, edited by Anne Curry

Vol. 11, Henry VI, 1432-1445, edited by Anne Curry

Vol. 12, Henry VI, 1447-1460, edited by Anne Curry & Rosemary Horrox

Vol. 13, Edward IV, 1461-1470, edited by Rosemary Horrox

Vol. 14, Edward IV, 1472-1483, edited by Rosemary Horrox

Vol. 15, Richard III, 1484-1485; Henry VII, 1485-1487, edited by Rosemary Horrox

Vol. 16, Henry VII, 1489-1504, edited by Rosemary Horrox

Bibliographies of English Law History

  • Maxwell, William H. A Legal Bibliography of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Volume 1: English Law to 1800. London: Sweet and Maxwell, 1955-
  • Beale, Joseph H. A Bibliography of Early English Law Books. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1926.
  • Winfield, Percy H. The Chief Sources of English Legal History. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1925.


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